Posted March 6th, 2013 by LDadmin
“Lauren was our nanny to my daughter for many years and then came back to be our nanny to my son.  She also became a trusted friend. She has a natural affinity with kids of all ages and was an amazingly calm reassuring and cheerful presence in our lives. I think she’d make an excellent doula as she has bags of experience professionally and personally as a mum of four herself, and never panics! If she can see the funny or positive side, that’s where she takes you. “
Meera Syal MBE
“I have known Lauren for some years and know that, were I to have another
child, I would want her by my side.  The has a great mix of wisdom, empathy,
humour, common sense and determination – exactly the qualities any woman
would benefit from at the amazing, intimate, sometimes scary time of giving
Marilyn Griffin 

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